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In recent months a debate has been started about what the future of diesel cars will be, if they have an expiration date or if they will eventually end up in the scrapyards in Cádiz..

Diverse cities and countries have already pronounced about it, ceasing to support cars moved with this fuel, or plan to do so soon.

More and more brands have removed the diesel mechanics in upcoming releases and say that in future years they will no longer have diesel models.

This is the case of Volvo or Porsche, who think not to develop diesel engines because of the high cost involved in complying with local emissions regulations.

Scrapyards in Cádiz: The future of diesel cars

In 2017, for the first time, gasoline car sales surpassed diesel, with percentages of 51.1 and 48.3.

This may be due to a change in trend, although the prohibition of diesel was later moved:

  • With the prohibition of the Euro 1 diesel before 1997 and without Euro before 1992.
  • With a progressive restriction, only the Euro6 will remain in the year 2025.

However, many say that there are still 20 years left for the disappearance of diesel, as the secretary general of Faconauto. And some say that only high-end diesel cars will be used because of the high manufacturing cost.

Diesel vehicles are going to disappear, but they will do so gradually. Until there comes a time when they end up in a car scrapyards in Cádiz.

Diesel car parts or spare parts in the Scrapyars.

The scrapyards in Cádiz ensures that the trend of buying new diesel cars in the future will decline.

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