Removing and free scrapping

Dar de baja coche

Free vehicle removal and deregistration service

You have an old vehicle or one that, for some reason, has become unusable and you don’t know what to do with it. This has happened to many of us, sometimes it is a bit sad to get rid of them but you know that, in the long run, it is inevitable. This is what the best scrapyards in Algeciras, La Linea or Estepona are dedicated to. And this is what we do. On our website you will find the contact telephone number. Our Desguace in La Linea offers a service that many scrapyards in Algeciras and other cities have already incorporated. It is the service of collection and FREE deregistration of scrapyards.

Free deregistration of vehicles. Desguaces el Malagueño makes it easy for you

Thanks to this service, forget about worries, now the removal and deregistration of the vehicle is completely free. Leave the car in the scrapyard is as simple as contacting us through our email, phone number or in our offices. In the shortest possible time our team will proceed to the collection and deregistration of the vehicle without any economic charge.

Thanks to the quality of this service, El Malagueño can compete with the best scrapyards.

Do you want to know the price of scrap metal today?

In this scrapyard in La Linea, your satisfaction with the work done is our main goal.