Until your card is one year old, officially, you are a new driver. What does this mean? That you must wear your L, that you can not go faster than 110 km / h and, most importantly … that you have less experience. Therefore, it is good that you take into account some considerations. In Desguaces El Malagueño we tell you the best tips driver Nobel..

6 tips for the novice driver

1. Have the car in good condition

Many novice drivers buy used cars that sometimes are not in the best conditions. Make the appropriate revisions to have them in perfect condition.

2. Familiarize yourself with your car

Take a short ride in a place where you feel especially safe, to familiarize yourself with the pedals or the feel of the steering wheel or seat. That will give you a lot of security.

3. Take a co-pilot on your first trips

It will be a great help during your first trips to bring someone who has experience behind the wheel with you. Avoid people who make you nervous.

4. Trust yourself and go at your own pace

It is very important that you have security at the wheel. Feel calm and confident. Avoid nerves and go at your pace. It’s normal for you to drive a little slower than the rest. As long as you follow the rules, you do not have to feel pressured by the other drivers.

5. Take a trip on the highway alone.

When you feel more confident, just make a trip on the highway, so you will gain confidence and experience.

6. Avoid all kinds of distractions

All drivers should avoid distractions but you should run away from them. Do not use your mobile phone and remember to look carefully at the mirrors before making a lane change. Pay special attention at roundabouts and intersections.

With these Nobel driver tips you will not have any problems at the wheel.
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