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What are the mandatory fog lights for cars?

When driving it is important that the car complies with all regulations to avoid possible accidents. The wheels, mirrors, oil, etc., must be in perfect condition. In this sense, what are the mandatory fog lights for the car? They are discovered below.
Fog lights for the car: regulations and other considerations

There are two types of fog lights on vehicles: front and rear. The front ones include a white yellow or white light and the rear ones a more intense red light. Both are independent and are used in different situations.

The rear ones should only be used when the fog is heavy. The DGT advises that when the car has left the fog behind, the headlights must be turned off. As for the headlights, they can be activated when the fog is lighter or with heavy rain, a storm or a cloud of dust. Also, they can be used on narrow roads with curves.

Likewise, with the rear fog lights it is necessary to reduce speed and increase the separation with the other vehicle and even more if the ground is wet, 30 meters. If the fog is excessive, it is best to get off the road as soon as possible. As for high beams, they should not be turned on in fog, as this could hinder vision.

It is very important that the driver knows and correctly applies this regulation, both to avoid accidents and fines. In fact, turning on the lights when it does not correspond can lead to penalties of up to 200 euros, although they do not remove points from the card. Also, they can be sanctioned in the opposite case, that is, if they are not carried when they should be connected.

Now that everything is known about the mandatory fog lights for the car, it is important to take it into account when driving safely.

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