Evaluation of casualties

Valoración siniestros vehículos

Claims valuation service

A vehicle is declared a total loss when its repair, after a loss, is higher than the value of the car itself, or when it is stolen.

When is a vehicle considered a total loss?

Normally, in many companies, the car is considered a total loss when the repair value of the vehicle is higher than the sum insured. That is to say, when the repair value exceeds 100% of the insured value. There are also insurance companies that may consider that there is a total loss when the repair value exceeds 75% of the value of the car.

Being aware of these valuation procedures, in Desguaces El Malagueño we have been doing valuations for years. Like many scrapyards in Algeciras or scrapyards in Estepona, we are experts in valuing claims, in case of theft or accident you should go to a scrapyard that you trust.

Claims valuation experts

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