desguaces en la economía circular

In a world increasingly aware of the circular economy, scrapyards play a crucial role: they manage waste responsibly and give new life to current vehicles through the sale of parts. Although their work may go unnoticed, they significantly contribute to the recycling and reuse of resources.

What role do scrapyards play in the circular economy, and what challenges do they face?

What is the circular economy?

The circular economy focuses on extending the present life of products, avoiding unnecessary resource expenditure in creating new goods. This trend promotes the reuse of materials and the recycling of those that can no longer be reused.

In this sense, the philosophy of the circular economy aligns perfectly with the work carried out by scrapyards.

Scrapyards and the circular economy

Scrapyards are responsible for providing a second chance to vehicle parts and also ensure proper treatment of components that have completed their life cycle.

Reuse of parts:

We conduct a thorough review of vehicles to identify those parts that are still functional and can be reused.

Battery Recycling:

We take care of recycling the batteries of vehicles, preventing leaks or the filtration of toxic waste. We process hazardous materials following the highest safety standards and prevent any leakage outside our facilities.

Waste management:

We responsibly manage the remaining scrap, compressing useful metals so they can be melted and reused in new projects, starting the material’s life cycle anew.

What challenges do scrapyards face in the future?

The emergence of electric cars and the increase in electronics in modern vehicles have created new challenges in scrapping work. These electronic components require specialized processes for handling and recycling.

Despite these complications, scrapyards like ours are equipped to dismantle all types of electronic components and recycle them responsibly.

Scrapyards at the core of the circular economy

We have the latest technology to dismantle all types of vehicles efficiently and safely, minimizing their environmental impact.

But we go further; we offer a wide range of second-hand parts for all types of models, actively promoting the circular economy and, therefore, collaborating with a more sustainable future. Contact us.

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