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How to de-ice your car’s glass in winter

When you park your car on the street during the winter, it is common that the glass gets frozen and you lose a lot of time in the mornings. Besides being annoying, it can also be dangerous, as it reduces the visibility and the safety when driving. Here we tell you the most effective techniques to defrost your car in winter. <!–more–>

What do you need to defrost the glass of your car?

To defrost the glass of your car, the first thing you need is patience. Do not try to remove the ice with hot water, as you could damage the glass or cause it to break due to the sudden temperature change.

Do not use the windshield wipers either, as they could get stuck to the ice and break. It is better to use some of these methods that we propose below:


By spraying alcohol on the top of the glass, the ice melts quickly. This method is very comfortable and effective, but if you use it frequently it can spoil the wipers.

A homemade solution:

Also, you can prepare your own anti-freeze spray with ingredients that you surely have at home. There are several options, such as mixing vinegar with water, alcohol with water or salt with water. These solutions have a lower freezing point than water and that is why they prevent the ice from forming.

Another way to remove the ice from the car is to use a plastic scraper, which you can find in any bazaar. Remember, never use sharp objects that can scratch or break the glass.

Protectors for the glass:

Another way to prevent the glass from freezing is to use a cover for the glass of the car, which is placed over the windshield and fixed with magnets. These covers are made of a waterproof material that protects the glass from the cold. Thus, in the morning you just have to remove the cover and you will have the glass clean and ready to drive.

Another option is to improvise with a cardboard. The important thing is that the material is relatively waterproof. To prevent it from moving with the wind, you just have to hold it with the wipers. This method is very economical and will help you get by during the frosty months.

How do I remove the fog from the car windows?

After defrosting the glass of your car, you may encounter another problem: the fog. Here we give you some tips:

  • Turn on the air conditioning upwards: The cold air will make the fog evaporate and the glass will clear.
  • Open the windows: this will make the air inside renew and equalize with the outside.
  • Park in a sheltered place: If you want to prevent the fog, a good prevention is to park in a place sheltered from the low temperatures such as central streets.


As you have seen, the important thing is that you do not let the ice prevent you from leaving with your car.

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