Recharging air conditioning of our car is a mission that must be done again and again, but it is not necessary to do it every summer, especially in the first years. Of course, the driver must be aware of him all year, even in the winter months.

When do I have to recharge air conditioning?

As we have said, it is not necessary to recharge the air each summer, but it is advisable to see its follow-up in the previous months. And it is precisely in the cold season when signs of fatigue may appear. If this situation appears, it could be due to a large number of factors.

If the air does not have the power that it should, it is possible that the filter is dirty or plugged.
This is the least expensive fault, but that is why it is important to check the car’s devices every so often. The filter can be cleaned or, in any case, replaced by a newer one.

Another possible fault can be electrical, with a fuse or connection that needs to be replaced. But the worst fault is the gas leak from the system. This should not occur because the air circuit is a closed circuit, and although there may be losses, these are minimal and should hardly be appreciated by the driver. Thus, if the air has been recharged several times in a short time, it is likely that there is a leak.

How much does the recharge cost?

Once the summer arrives, the offers of recharges multiply both in the workshops and in the dealers themselves. As for the concrete price, it varies depending on the brand and the model, from 50 to 220 euros per recharge.

Definitely, recharging air conditionaing is a necessary good, especially when the hottest months of the year arrive.

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