Recambios de coche en Marbella

Car spare parts in Marbella

A scrap does not imply poor quality parts or lack of stock, quite the opposite. The car parts in Marbella that can save money in the breakdown are found in Desguaces El Malagueño, a company with extensive experience in the sector.

Second hand car parts in Marbella

Old or discarded cars have a number of parts that are in good condition. A dedicated establishment can filter those suitable for use and thus have second-hand car parts in Marbella.

Starting motor

This fundamental piece for the ignition of the car is usually found in good condition in vehicles from a scrapyard. Getting a starter from a BMW, Mercedes or any other brand on the second-hand market lowers the cost of a repair, which is usually quite common.

Front body parts

The front is one of the parts that statistically receive more damage. Accidental impacts end up damaging it, especially the bumper. In scrapyards you can get a replacement for Seat, Opel, Peugeot or any other brand. Even if the color of the part is different, it can always be painted to fit the car.

Exterior mirrors

These elements are outside the general lines of the vehicle. This poses a greater risk, making it easier for them to be damaged. In a scrapyard they can be obtained in perfect condition and at a cheaper price. It is important to remember that the left is essential in passenger cars to pass the ITV.

To find the best car parts in Marbella, there is nothing better than going to an authorized scrapyard for vehicle treatment. Thanks to this, parts can be obtained for all types of brands and models with absolute guarantee. This is the case of Desguaces El Malagueño, located in Marbella.


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