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The environmental label is a concept that will become one of the words of the year 2023. During this period, implementing low emission zones will be mandatory for all municipalities in Spain with more than 50,000 inhabitants. Therefore, the enviromental label in Cádiz will give privileges.

What is the environmental label

It is the method that the State has chosen through the DGT to classify vehicles based on their energy efficiency. In other words, it is a system that benefits less polluting cars with a special badge.

The types of environmental labels

There are four tags, but five classification groups. Depending on the situation of each car, it will have certain privileges in low emission zones (ZBE). These are the five groups:

  1. Label 0, blue: Focused on electric cars powered by batteries, fuel cells or plug-in hybrids with a range of more than 40 km. They are the most benefited.
  2. Eco Label, green and blue: Focused on hybrid cars or cars powered by liquefied gas.
  3. Label C, green: For gasoline vehicles registered after January 2006, diesel after September 2015 and heavy vehicles after 2014.
  4. Label B, yellow: Gasoline vehicles registered since January 2001, diesel since 2006 and heavy vehicles since 2006.
  5. Without label: They do not have any hallmark.

What kind of environmental label is needed for Cádiz?

The low emission zone in Cádiz will be located in the almond of the historic center (except the ring road) as well as on the Paseo Marítimo of the Hotel Playa a la Cortadura. This means that untagged vehicles will not be able to access the area. In addition, vehicles C and B can only park in a parking lot, although they can circulate.

The environmental label in Cádiz will be a necessity before the end of the year.

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