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How much does it cost to repair a car air conditioner?

How much does it cost to repair car air conditioning? This is a question that many people have asked themselves throughout their lives, especially if they own a car. Well, the price of repairing the car’s air conditioning varies depending on the fault that has occurred, as well as the parts that are necessary for the repair.

Types of breakdown

We must highlight up to five types of frequent faults related to the car’s air conditioning:

  • Leaks in the air conditioning circuit.
  • Fault in the air conditioning compressor.
  • Fault in the air conditioner box.
  • Fault in the air conditioning condenser.
  • Fault in the filters.

Why do they spoil?

Air conditioners are damaged, in most cases, by the use made of these elements, especially in the months of higher temperatures. However, it is also possible that the fault arises as a result of a lack of maintenance of the device itself.

What does the repair consist of?

The repair consists of fixing the parts that have been damaged, such as plugging a hose leak or changing a part of the air conditioner. In addition, it is also necessary to differentiate between a simple cleaning of the filters or removing the entire installation to be able to carry out the repair as such. For example, if parts have to be changed, the time and cost is greater.

How much can the repair cost?

When making an estimate, it ranges between 450 and 850 euros for the replacement of the air conditioning compressor. For its part, the change of the condenser can cost between 250 and 750 euros. As for the recharge of the air conditioning, it has a price of 40 to 80 euros.

Now that you know how much it costs to repair the car’s air conditioning, all that remains is to put yourself in the hands of experts.

If you need any spare part to repair your vehicle’s air conditioning, whatever the make and model, contact us.


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