Piezas de segunda mano de desguace

Second hand scrap parts

Second-hand scrap parts have emerged as suitable solutions for those who want to save money when it comes to repairing their vehicle without compromising driving safety.
Those who choose to fix their car breakdowns with these spare parts or anticipate them, in addition to significant financial savings, will gain in safety and driving quality. Below is a review of the benefits of this service.

The importance of having spare parts guarantees

In a salvage yard, such as Desguaces El Malagueño, it is possible to find a wide variety of second-hand parts for the proper conditioning of a car. It must be taken into account that in these establishments they are in charge of purchases, sales and de-registrations of vehicles, so they have access to pieces of great interest. Some of them are in an ideal state and others only require small repairs to be fully useful again.

Professional mechanical services are therefore in charge of offering an assortment of spare parts that covers all models and brands. Both for diesel or diesel cars and for those that run on gasoline.

Among the parts available in the catalog, the following stand out, among others: headlights, locks, bumpers, rear-view mirrors, rims, handles, fenders, frames, cables, filters, etc. Spare parts identical to the originals that can be used to renew the clutch, exhaust, tire, brake, engine, power supply, ignition, cooling, electrical, damping, suspension and transmission systems.

The advantages of this class of parts

Apart from the fact that they will provide functionality, safety and aesthetics to the vehicle, these spare parts are cheaper than those purchased from the original manufacturer. The savings, in these cases, can range between 20 and 80%.

The reputation of the spare parts supplier

In short, second-hand scrapping parts provide maximum benefits at a reasonable price. In this sense, the scrapyard must always have the CAT certificate (Authorized Treatment Center) to be able to receive vehicles at the end of their useful life and process their final deregistration in order to extract second-hand scrapping parts.

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