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Learn how to change the car battery

The battery is an essential element of every vehicle, so for its correct operation it is necessary to have one that is in good condition. Those who do not have one and want to avoid the cumbersome process of going to the workshop, can follow this series of tips on how to change the car battery and do it by themselves.

Before starting, however, it should be noted that it is essential to wear rubber gloves for safety. In addition, a brush and lint-free cloth are recommended for cleaning, and an adjustable wrench will be needed to perform the process. Once you have this, you can start.

How to remove a car battery

The first thing you should know is how to remove a car battery. The first step is to disconnect the black cable, with the – sign, and then the red terminal, with the + sign. Then, the casing and the pin that holds the battery to the car must be removed, to later proceed to remove the equipment itself.

Now that this space has been freed, it is time to clean the hole in which it was located, as it will allow the new one to settle correctly. If the old one has left a spill, it can be removed with baking soda dissolved in water.

How is a car battery mounted?

To replace it, it is necessary to learn how to assemble a car battery. It is as simple as placing it in the space where the previous one was and retracing the steps that have been taken to remove it. Once fixed and with the cables connected, the process is finished. It only remains to dispose of the old battery by taking it to the clean point.

These simple steps illustrate how to change the car battery. Now, let’s get to work. And if you need a car battery, whatever the make and model of your vehicle, ask us, we will surely have what you need since we are specialized in the sale of spare parts. We leave you here the direct link to our contact information:


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