rellenar líquido anticongelante

When to refill the antifreeze liquid. This constitutes one of the doubts about this essential component of the engines of the vehicles that will be resolved in this text.
The keys to the importance of this element for cars are explained below.


First of all, it should be noted that it is essential to prevent the freezing of water in the refrigeration circuit. At the same time, heat is outsourced from this circuit, which prevents its boiling and cavitation.


As in other aspects of driving, it is advisable to anticipate the inconvenience. For example, to have the car warning pilot notify that an injection of this liquid is required. So, above all, you have to be especially careful when the coldest temperatures arrive.

It is necessary to open the hood, always on a flat surface and when the engine has cooled down, and look for the transparent reservoir in which the antifreeze is located. You can check the existence of minimum and maximum marks. If the level is observed below the first one, it will be necessary to refill the deposit. The maximum line must not be exceeded, since when the engine starts running, it will suffer an increase in volume.

Different types of antifreeze liquid

Finally, the different classes that exist of this element are reviewed:

– Organics: They stand out for their duration and be greener. They especially protect the materials of the most modern vehicles and their freezing point is lower.

– Inorganics: they have opposite characteristics to the previous ones.

– Hybrids: similar to organic.

In short, knowing when to refill the antifreeze liquid and choose an organic one of quality interests to drive with cool temperatures.

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