Mejores Ruedas para el coche

Those looking for the best wheels for the car should catch up on the properties of those that exist in the market. The keys of the different types of tires that can be purchased are broken down below.

How do today’s tires differ?

  • Before going on to describe the different types of wheels that can be chosen, it should be noted that they will be differentiated, among other things, by their design, the materials used, their priority uses and the drawing they carry on their tread .

The most relevant types of tires

The following lines define the most relevant characteristics of the main current wheels:

  • Diagonal and radial: the construction technology of the former was the one used in the past, but now that of the latter has been fully imposed.
  • Summer, winter and all seasons. The former are used for driving in areas characterized by a climate without precipitation. The latter are recommended to circulate in areas where it rains or snow. The latter, meanwhile, offer interesting features in all types of weather conditions.
  • Asymmetric and directional. With different drawings in exterior and interior and with arrow or V, respectively.
  • Tubuless. They do not require an indoor air chamber.
  • Low profile. 50 mm or less.
  • Runflat. With shoulders and flanks reinforced.
  • Ecological Also called greens, they stand out for their improvement in resistance, which implies greater energy efficiency.

What tire should be chosen for the vehicle?

  • Broadly speaking, the decision must start from a cross-weighted analysis of the area of ​​residence, the trips made, the driving style and environmental awareness.
  • In short, knowing the best wheels for the car in detail is the first step to succeed in your choice.

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