Many drivers worry about radars in Gibraltar as they can commit a violation and have an administrative penalty. Next we will detail the location of these radars and their legislation.

Location of radars in Gibraltar

A-381. Unify Jerez de la Frontera with Los Barrios. It is located at the exit of the tunnel in increasing direction at kilometer 74.700 towards Barreña.

A-405. It connects the town of Guacín with the town of San Roque. Increasing and decreasing. Located in the km. 2.470 – 34.22 and 34.220 – 40.49.

CA-34. Access to the Line of the Conception and Gibraltar. Radars are at the height of San Roque. One of them at kilometer 0.050 decreasing and the other at the junction El Teoril, increasing and km. 0.710.

N-340.  Bologna entrance in increasing direction, kilometer 70.375 with Algeciras direction. It is located increasingly in the exit of the population.

A-7. Exit of the tunnel with north access to the port, decreasing and direction Malaga (km. 0.450). Another in the km. 3,013, increasing and decreasing.

Types of radars

– Fixed radars. They are those that are located in cabins and have no mobility.

– Mobile radars. Are those devices that are installed in random places. They are camouflaged in vehicles of state forces and security forces.

– Section radars. Calculate the travel time between a point A and B to know if you have exceeded speed. It consists of 2 cameras, one at the entrance of the section and another at the exit.

– Pegasus. DGT helicopter that can capture vehicle speed and driver behavior.

Legislation for radar fines

All sanctions are subject to the current regulations of each country. According to the legislation of the Government of Gibraltar, it may result in administrative sanctions or withdrawal of points.

This exhibition ends here about the placement and characteristics of radars in Gibraltar.

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