Multas en el extranjero

Drivers have the uncertainty of how to handle fines abroad as some of the procedures that must be carried out can be confusing. Next we will make a compilation of the data that we must take into account when traveling.

What happens if I am fined abroad? What legislation is it?

If the sanctions are brought in another country that is not of origin, you can only be penalized for the following infractions: speeding, not wearing a belt, not stopping before a stop or traffic light in red, driving under alcohol or drugs, not wear a helmet, drive in a prohibited direction or use the phone.

If there is a penalty for infringement, we must know that it can only be sanctioned with an economic sanction and not with withdrawal of points.

All sanctions are executed based on the commission country. However, some caution must be exercised in Ireland, Great Britain and the Netherlands, as many infractions can be considered a crime and there may be criminal fines.

How do I manage fines abroad?

The EU. It has a community legislation in force so all the countries that form the U.E. They have the facility to exchange driver data. Any fine executed in the U.E will arrive at the address.

All fines of the U.E. They are prescribed so if for a failure of the letter distributor, the sanction will not come as it will not be effective because it is not notified correctly.

Where can I get advice?

The best option for proper advice is a lawyer specialized in the matter. He will guide you if it is appropriate to appeal the sanction or not.


We must be very careful with infractions committed in other countries, since it can be very difficult to know how to do the management. Respect the safety regulations and you will avoid setbacks with fines abroad.

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