Cuanto cuesta la revisión del coche

How much does the car revision cost? This is a common question among shoppers, since not all of them charge the same for more or less similar services. We refer, in these cases, to common reviews, which consist of exploring the basic mechanisms of vehicles.

The price of a car revision

First, we clarify that in this text we will rely on data provided by the Zaragoza employers’ association of the workshops. We consider that they can be representative of our country.

Broadly speaking, the average price of basic revisions ranges between 15 and 26 euros. There are also workshops that do them for free, as long as they do not have to carry out repairs after having checked the condition of the vehicle.

One hour of labor, meanwhile, can leave for around 30 euros. When, for example, it is necessary to change the filter and oil, tuning the car can cost about 60 euros.

What is monitored in one of these reviews?

Among other relevant devices for the operation of the vehicle, it is going to take into account the inspection of the following: condition of the belts, check of the brakes, how the tires are, control of the line of the exhaust pipe and measurement of the levels of liquids (antifreeze and oil).

Why Do Workshops collect these services more expensive than others?

It is usually due to commercial criteria and attention to the public and the quality of service. The cost of living in each city also influences. We advise not to rely on prices for repairs that look like bargains. As a last precaution, anticipate the days prior to travel or marked, as there is more work in the workshops on those key dates.

In short, how much it costs to review the car depends on its quality and promotional criteria.

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