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All drivers can suffer a breakdown and, when repaired, the debate opens between buying a new part or resorting to scrapping parts. The latter are much cheaper than the new ones, but there are still drivers reluctant to them. If you include yourself among these, you should know that the current cars are recyclable, practically, in their entirety and the pieces of the scrapping are identical to the original ones.

What parts can you buy in a scrapyard?

Really, we can buy any part for the car in a scrapyard: from the wheels to the headlights, going through the engine parts, the mirrors, the bumpers, the mudguards…

They are versatile pieces that adapt to all the models of the vehicle and to which they still have enough life; as much as, due to circumstances of all kinds, the vehicle they belonged to has stopped circulating and is in the scrapyard.

How much can you save with the scrapping pieces?

And we come to the question that every driver is asked: how much can I save, buying the parts in the scrapyard, instead of requesting the original spare part to the factory? We calculate that the savings, with the pieces of scrapping, ranges between 20 and 80%, a percentage more than to take into account when facing the repair of your vehicle.

Remember that you will have to add VAT and labor, so a saving on the pieces is appreciated.

Of course, you should always go to legal scrapping and avoid the clandestine ones, where we will not have any guarantee of the origin of the pieces that they sell to us; although, on occasion, they are cheaper than conventional ones. Only in the authorized centers (C.A.T), how Desguaces El Malagueño, you will be able to acquire these pieces. More information: www.elperiodico.com/es/motor/noticias/actualidad/comprar-vender-piezas-usadas-vehiculo-pasa-ser-ilegal-5992708

To avoid problems, for example, if the piece has a defect, do not forget to always ask for the scrapping invoice, the best place to buy spare parts or second-hand parts for your car.
Find out about the piece you need at www.desguaceelmalagueno.es/contact/

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