Now that the ecological and everything that has a green label comes first, it is said that we have one of the oldest automobile parks in Europe in our country. This is noticeable in the year of registration and in that they are cars that pollute much more, besides being more insecure.

Therefore, as much as possible, you should try to access cars that are newer. Although if you do not have that possibility you should worry that the one you have has adequate maintenance. So your safety and that of other drivers will not be compromised.

What are the disadvantages of having an old vehicle?

The main drawback is the lack of ABS technology, ESP or the tire pressure warning. Other systems that do not carry either the daytime lights or the adaptive cruise. Having the lighting system in perfect condition, the airbag or the windshield is fundamental.

How to cancel an old car, according to its year of registration?

You can cancel it temporarily or permanently, unless it is sealed, in which case you should proceed to its cancellation prior regardless of the year of registration.

You must go to the registry of the DGT and inform that you are going to retire a vehicle permanently or that you are going to move it abroad.

You will have to fill out an official form in an authorized center for the treatment of vehicles (CAT) or in the traffic headquarters. You must provide documentation such as the ID card or the registration certificate and the ITV. The withdrawal is finally made in the CAT, where you will receive at the moment a proof of definitive withdrawal.

Another option is that you go to our authorized center and we will take care of canceling your vehicles completely free of charge. Contact us


60% of the used cars are more than 10 years old and the second-hand sector is booming, so it is convenient to review the years of registration before making a purchase.

Do you want to know the year of registration of your vehicle ?. Click on the following link:

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