Qué revisan en la ITV

What do they check on the ITV. It is a question asked by those who periodically have to go through this official inspection of their vehicle. The keys to this process are reviewed below.

What is the ITV?

These are the acronym for Vehicle Technical Inspection. Broadly speaking, it is an evaluation, of at least twenty minutes, of the main components of a vehicle. Depending on its type and age, it must be carried out with a specific periodicity. Its objective is that both the driver of the car in question and the rest of the road users are guaranteed the safety conditions of the vehicle.

If this test is not passed because serious or very serious failures have been found in the car, you cannot drive with it. If you want to reverse this situation, you should solve these failures and pass the ITV in less than two months.

Some tips to pass the ITV

The following lines describe some recommendations not to fail with the aspects that will be controlled in the review:

  • It is necessary to bring all the appropriate documentation.
  • It is worth requesting an appointment.
  • It is not necessary to appear with Chinese in the windshield.
  • The lighting can, although the mechanical state is optimal, fail.
  • That the bumpers are subject and not cut.
  • Cleaning predisposes favorably..
  • The registration must be in optimal conditions.
  • Well-maintained and unbroken mirrors are needed.
  • Windshield wipers must carry their corresponding fluid.

Special attention to tires – What do they check in the ITV

Finally, it is essential that the wheels are more than 1.6 mm deep in their tread. They do not have to present breaks or deformations and the measurements have to coincide with those of series.

In short, after asking what they review at the ITV, these details need to be fixed before facing the evaluation.

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