In case of incident with the car, placing the emergency triangles is one of the first actions that must be carried out. Its correct location is vital to warn the rest of the drivers and avoid major damages. But how do you put them?


Its function is to warn with time, so they can react, to other motorists. Consequently, it is useless to locate them very close to the car with problems.

Also, it is essential to put on the reflective vest before putting them to reduce the risk of being run over. It is best to mount them inside the vehicle for the same reason. In addition, it is mandatory to activate the emergency lights to add an additional visual warning.

Aspects about its location

  1. It is best to place them in a visible area, as far to the right of the road as possible and, preferably, on the shoulder.
  2. They must be placed perpendicular to the direction of the road, so that the light from the headlights reflects optimally.
  3. They must be placed more than 50 meters away from the car and must be visible from at least 100 meters. This distance has been set by the heads of the Traffic Department because a car traveling at 120 km/h runs 113 meters before stopping after braking.


As important as placing the emergency triangles correctly is that they comply with the approval required by the authorities..

For this reason, they should be two equilateral triangles with reflective colored edges, captaking at the vertices and hollowness inside. Its exterior measurements can not fall below 55 centimeters or exceed 65. The height of the legs must be 5 centimeters and all of them must include the round symbol E9 and the code 27R03.

With this information it is clear how to place the emergency triangles if necessary. But if you want more information you can do it in this link of the DGT:

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