When the time has come to say goodbye to a vehicle, it is also time to think about its monetary value. How much is my car worth? This is the question that many drivers ask themselves.

Main parameters that can determine the value of a used car

First of all, the mileage traveled is important. The more kilometers you have, the value may decrease.

Second, the appearance of the car. If there are scratches, bumps, dents or other repairs to be made on the vehicle’s sheet, then it could lose a lot of value.

Third, the mechanics of the car is considered. If you need repairs, you should always indicate when selling. It is important to take it to a workshop for an analysis of the state and a budget of possible parts to replace. The maintenance history is also important. Performing regular maintenance and checks on the car can increase its value.

Other important aspects

What is clear is that new cars already lose between 11 and 18% of their value the first year. With each passing year, the value is subtracted from 10 to 10%. Then, the year of the vehicle and its age are also going to be determining factors. Even if a car has little mileage, if it is too old it might not be interesting.

In short, a € 15,000 car can not be sold for more than 2000 euros after spending more than ten years.


It is clear that it is interesting to consider alternatives. The scrapping of cars in Cádiz may be the solution. In them, you can negotiate the price of the components of the vehicle. In addition, they can process the removal of the car for free.

Before the question of how much is worth my car it is important to always resort to professionals. There are several websites that offer an automatic calculator. Below we indicate one of these websites where you can calculate the value of your car: https://www.canalcar.es/vender-coche

Contact us if you are thinking about going to a scrapyard in the province of Cádiz: https://www.desguaceelmalagueno.es/en/contact/

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