Radares en Cádiz

There are more than 50 radars in Cádiz, which can be fixed, mobile or sectioned and that are distributed along freeways, highways, national, regional or regional highways. The DGT itself indicates the location of the radars on its website (http://www.dgt.es/es/el-trafico/control-de-velocidad/cadiz) and a few kilometers before reaching the radar these are announced by the corresponding traffic signal, so that the drivers can adjust their speed to the appropriate one.

Where the radars are located in Cádiz

The best way not to worry about the radars in Cadiz is to run a safe and adjusted to the speed limits of each road, in addition to adjusting to road conditions. The aim of these devices is to face the excesses of speed, which are responsible for a large part of traffic accidents, so that traffic is safer. It is common that they are installed in sections of high accident rate associated with speeding.

Types of radars

The DGT has three types of radars. On one hand there are fixed radars, which capture up to four lanes and are located in cabins, poles, porches or on the side of the road. On the other hand, mobile radars are in Civil Guard cars – in motion or stopped – and aerial vehicles – Pegasus helicopters. Finally, the radars of section are usually located in areas such as tunnels.

Fines for speeding

According to the speeding, it can be mild, serious or very serious. Minor infractions involve fines of up to 100€, without withdrawal of points. In case of serious infringement the penalty ranges between 300€ and 500€, with the loss of 2 to 6 points of the card while the authors of very serious infractions face fines of up to 600€ and 6 points. The economic penalty can be reduced by 50% for prompt payment.

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