Claves sobre cómo ahorrar gasolina

It is true that cars increasingly spend less but, on the other hand, the price of fuel does not end up stabilizing in low numbers, hence many citizens seek to save gas by introducing small actions in their driving.

Useful tips to save gas

There are many factors involved in the consumption of gasoline in a vehicle, but they must be carried out in a unified manner so that the savings are complete. With this purpose, in this post some tips are given to save on gasoline.

Planify the trip

The first thing to value is the travel route, always looking for the most efficient but remembering that a shorter route does not have to involve less fuel, since it depends on the state of the road and the speed at which you can circulate through it.

Another important cuestion is the condition of the tires, since circulating with a pressure of 0.5 bar or less causes lower fuel efficiency in both urban (2%) and suburban (4%) areas.

It is also important to reduce unnecessary loads because the more a car weighs, the more effort the engine must make and, therefore, the greater fuel expense is generated.

In the same way, using the gears well is crucial to drive efficiently, having to enter the first gear only to start the march and, of course, avoid sudden accelerations.

More interesting actions

Another advice is aimed at maintaining a uniform speed according to the routes through which it is driven, although on highways and national roads this action is always recommended.

It is also advisable not to keep the engine idle, make good use of the air conditioning and use the engine as a brake.

Definetly, applying these tips on how to save gasoline, consumption will be significantly lower.

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