In Motorcycle Scrapping in Estepona we have all kinds of parts and spare parts for motorcycle, always with the highest quality and guarantee in all the materials we have. We also have a wide variety of tires to make a safe and comfortable ride on the bike.


The wheels of a motorcycle are truly important for safe driving on the motorcycle. Some drivers think they can save some money by putting bad tires on their bikes. Placing defective or damaged tires can cause accidents and have major safety problems.

200 first kilometers is recommended to do them at low speeds

Al utilizar unos neumáticos nuevos, los 200 primeros kilómetros es recomendable hacerlos a velocidades bajas.

When using new tires, the first 200 kilometers is recommended to do them at low speeds.
If not, the risk of accident is really high. Another factor to take into account is the temperature of the tire, it is important that it reach a somewhat high temperature so that they provide their best performance on the road.

Take into account air pressure

You must take into account the air pressure of the motorcycle, in the manual of each brand already specified the appropriate, whether Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, etc. Each will have its own air pressure.

Do not exceed the maximum load of the motorcycle

In no case should you exceed the maximum load of the motorcycle. To keep the wheels in good condition, you should not hit sidewalks or other places. These blows can cause short and long term damage. In case of a blow, you should check the cover frequently.
If you buy a second hand tire, make sure it is compatible with your motorcycle model, bone, make sure it is in an optimal state to drive.

In Scrapyard in Estepona we have tires

In the motorcycle Scrapyard in Estepona we have tires for second hand motorcycles for all makes and models that can be found in the market.

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