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One of the reasons why you can go to some scrapyards in Los Barrios is the search for one of the fundamental spare parts for your car: the battery.
The battery has an average duration of about 5 years, which can be reduced depending on some factors that cause premature depletion.

Tips from Scrapyard in Los Barrios

In Scrapyard in Los Barrios we offer a series of tips to increase the battery life of your vehicle.

What can cause the car’s battery to wear out prematurely?

The main reasons why you can reduce its useful life can be:

– Expose the vehicle to extreme temperatures.

Parking the vehicle in outdoor locations where it exceeds 30 degrees or below 5 degrees for a long time may cause the battery to run out.

– Excessive consumption.

The excess of connected devices in the car will cause an excessive consumption of the battery, even started, since it is possible to exceed the load capacity of the alternator.
Not connect anything that´s not be used.

– Monitor the terminals.

In them white crusts can be shown due to the sulfation that must be eliminated as soon as possible, later coating it with vaseline.

How to proceed if the battery runs out

– Call the insurance company.

If you have assistance service, they will be responsible for starting the car or replace the battery if necessary.

– Use some cables with starter clips.

Connecting the battery with these cables to another user’s will get enough power to start it.

– Push to start it.

It will only be used in very extreme cases because in current vehicles there is a risk of damaging the catalytic converter, which would be a very expensive repair.

Once you have been able to start the vehicle, it is advisable to recharge the battery in a workshop or adquire one in Desguaces El Malagueño, leader of the scrapyards in the neighborhoods, where you can find the best price.

Here are two links with expanded information on this topic:

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