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Summer is here, and with it millions of vacation trips. Many of them are made by car, passing before by the Scrapyards in Palmones in search of spare parts for our car. But in addition to having the vehicle in perfect condition, it is important to comply with the traffic regulations to avoid fines and that vacations do not go away expensive and we return a house with all the points of the card.

Common Summer infractions
Summer is synonymous with fiestas and festivals in many towns, which implies alcohol. Since 2014 economic sanctions have been increased for driving under its influence, and may involve the loss of four or six points.

The same goes for drugs, which have a six-point penalty. That summer does not mean that we can move faster than possible: you can lose up to six points and face a fine of up to 500 euros.

Driving barefoot, with flip-flops or without shirt can be very tempting in the heat, for example, on trips to the beach or pool. However, it goes against Articles 17.1 and 18.1 of the traffic code, and is an infringement punished with a fine of 80 euros in both cases. Driving bad shoes can make it difficult to control the vehicle, and to go without a shirt is dangerous in case of an accident.

The same economic sanction has something as summery as driving with the arm out of the window.

It is important to keep hydrated, but also talk about water, drinking at the wheel is punishable by 100 points, as well as eating. Also ours suppress the loss of some points take a butt out the window (four points, and 200 euros fine). In summer you have to keep your attention at the wheel and the car, in good condition, with pieces of Scrapyards in Palmones.

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