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The air conditioning has taken great importance in car trips, to the point where it would be very strange to imagine one without him. However, drivers tend to neglect their maintenance during cold weather, something that the scrapyards in Algeciras, as Desguaces Malagueño, disagree, because they know some habits that will ensure care acclimatization in a vehicle. Here are some guidelines for better efficiency in the maintenance of air conditioning will be exposed.

Before the summer season have to be revised operation of cooling systems.

One must realize that the wear also suffers when the system has been off a good season.
The driver will notice, if the temperature inside the vehicle remains unchanged for a while switched on, the system is damaged. All this is an indication that there are some components that should be reviewed for a possible replacement. One reason could be the level reached by the liquid fluid and another referred to the obstruction of some elements within the system.
Another indicator that maintenance is not optimal is the release of unpleasant odors when connected, which is linked to a growing accumulation of moisture, bacteria, dust and fungi. In addition, the moisture in the crystals should do rethink the vehicle owner the need for gas refill.
Gas refills are simple operations that require specific tools, which will not be a problem in scrapyards in Algeciras. These refills will be cheap and will be complicated than the internal circuit of the vehicle is discharged quickly.
In short, if the air conditioning inside a vehicle begins to fail, to fix the cause must be sought and a replacement, it is an element that gives comfort to the driver and a greater sense of security.

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