Keep clean car upholstery is something that worries you surely greater or lesser extent, either to like your vehicle or simply look flawless hygiene and cleanliness issues in general. But if you also use the car for excursions or you usually bring children into it, you will probably come in handy to know how to treat some stains from your seats before it is too late and have to look around the area some scrapyards in Gibraltar to replace the part tainted by another in good condition.

There are many types of stains that you can find in the upholstery, but the habits you have to take as standards against almost all of them are act quickly to pass a wet wipe around the area to try to remove when most of impregnated surface and not let the stain adheres to the fabric.
Just in case you have a patch of mud you can remove the larger pieces you see in the first and then let them dry so that when there is no more moisture, you can scratch all with a somewhat stiff brush; and, ultimately, passing a cloth or a damp washcloth. And you can use a similar procedure in the case of chocolate stains.

There are other more complicated to clean stains on your upholstery, such as gum, which can be removed with the aid of an ice cool gum stuck to after scratching with a spatula; or the most dangerous and difficult to remove the fat and oil, for which you will have to make a good degreaser and insist without damaging the tissues.
And, if you see that somewhere has been useless, look at the scrapyards in Gibraltar a spare and leave your car like new again.

In Scrapyard El Malagueño, we have the replacement upholstery you’re looking for. Contact us now !.

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