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Summer holidays are just around the corner, but before getting in the car, it is advisable to check the condition of the vehicle to avoid unpleasant surprises that can ruin the deserved rest. In addition to finding the state of roads and a good rest the night before, you should review certain vehicle components and change those that are in disrepair. Persecutors savings and quality can do it in scrapyards El Malagueño , one of the scrapyards in Marbella that offers more guarantees, along with a value for money very suitable for any pocket.

Before embarking on any long journey, it is advisable to check a number of aspects in the vehicle. The most important is the so-called “safety triangle”, covering the brakes, tires and shock absorbers. It is important that the brake fluid is between the minimum and maximum that usually marks the container. The height of the tire tread should be at least 1.6 mm to ensure maximum safety and they must have the proper pressure. The shocks require a change approximately every 50,000 kilometers.
It is also necessary to check the status and levels of other fluids and lubricating the vehicle. In the case of oil, which has to be at a midpoint between the two extremes of measurement. If you have a dark color, it means that it is very worn, so it will not fulfill its mission and eventually generate a costly failure. The same applies to the filters in poor condition. The coolant should also be at the right level, between the minimum and maximum.
Good lighting is essential to ensure maximum safety in any way. The headlights must be properly aligned and regulated so that illumination without dazzle the other drivers.

If you’re looking scrapyards in Marbella for any parts for the car, please contact us. Surely we have what you are looking for.

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