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Among the active safety of any vehicle , headlights and pilots responsible for us to see and be seen, they are essential. Hence the importance of knowing how to use them and keep them in perfect condition. To do this, if you are looking for among the scrapyard in Los Barrios, you will have them available at our scrapyards for all makes and models of vehicles.

Tt is important to know that the headlights must be turned on from just before sunset until dawn, and even being the day when weather conditions such as rain or fog , as required.
As for the lamps responsible for issuing the headlights , throughout history there has been a great evolution from the first oil lamps , passing the carbide or filament , reaching those used currently , halogen , the gas discharge and led.

As a result , modern vehicles have their headlamps lighting systems light huge capacity , durability and low energy consumption.

The headlights are the elements responsible for housing and lamps project light optimally on the road, without disturbing the other vehicles , ie without causing glare.

One can speak of several types of headlights. Depending on the type of approach are the simple surface , no longer used, the complex surface and the most modern ellipsoidal .

Another classification of the headlights is governed by how they made ​​the change in beam to beam. In this case we find the single parabola and H4 lamp , the double parable, the mobile cap , used in older bixenon , and wipes , most widely used today.

Finally, a variety of devices whose parts are available in the scrapyard El Malagueño.

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