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In all the Scrapyards in Tarifa and, in particular, in Desguaces el Malagueño, we are in luck because, at last, the new law of used spare parts of cars has come into force that pretends to improve and give quality to the purchase and sale of pieces of Replacement of obsolete cars.

With the clear objective of adapting to European regulations, the government approved, on 22 January, a new law that will only allow authorized treatment centers (CATs) to extract and then sell used car parts once Have been discharged and decontaminated. In Desguaces el Malagueño we comply with the new rule that strictly prohibits the sale of any spare parts that have not been obtained in an authorized center (CAT).

All online or physical platforms that intend to sell used spare parts of cars that do not come from authorized centers will be in violation of the law, as will repair shops that use spare parts that do not come from authorized treatment centers. The owners of the vehicles will also be sanctioned, allowing the use of illegal spare parts, whether or not they know it.

Finally, it should be added that, from now on, when the vehicle is finally decommissioned, it must be delivered to CAT with all its parts because, CAT itself is obliged to notify the qualified body of the autonomous community corresponding.

In Desguaces el Malagueño, we celebrate this new law because it seeks to improve, and also to order, the recycling of spare parts for cars that are no longer useful, in addition to wanting to instill a greater respect for the environment, something that we have been taking care of in Our daily work for a long time. With this new regulation we are gaining all: customers, scraps that comply with the regulations, and environment.

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