Abandoned vehicles constitute discomfort in the areas where they remain parked, in addition to the risks inherent in the usual poor condition of these vehicles. Promoting your shipment to the Scrapyard is within the reach of everyone, whether it’s Scrapyard in Los Barrios or other locations.
The functions of the scrapyards:

Prior to the withdrawal, the particulars who can not take care of their vehicles should consider sending them to an authorized scrapyard, where, in addition to processing the casualty, they can remove the vehicle. Looking for scrapyard in Los Barrios or any other locality, everything becomes easier.
Processing process for abandoned vehicles.
In principle, Law 11/1999, modifying the Local Regime Basis Regulator, already covered the possibility of initiating a process of withdrawal of any vehicle abandoned on the initiative of individuals or ex officio by the Administration itself (via local police , mainly).
But it is now that this possibility of requesting the withdrawal and the shipment to the scrapping of any abandoned vehicle is taking on more force, given its easy processing by different means of communication to the Administration, with the observance of the deadlines and the precise procedure of information to the Possible holder.
Any local entity already makes possible the particular information about the abandonment of a vehicle immobilized during a long time, initiating the procedures of withdrawal of that vehicle.
Once the individual processes the notice, via print, online, telephone, mail or face-to-face (depending on the possibilities offered by the local entity), the police locate the vehicle and record an observation of the abandoned vehicle. In a month, the owner of the vehicle is searched and the process initiated is communicated to him. 15 days later, if there is a response or not, if the vehicle is still there, it is removed to the deposit.
The communication with the owner is retried, as stipulated by the regulations. If this communication is impossible, the vehicle is finally sent to authorized scrapping.

Another option is to contact Scrapyard El Malagueño, where we will inform you of all and if necessary we will process it for you for your unconcern. Contact us without obligation.

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