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If you are traveling by car during this Christmas, it is necessary and obligatory to check the weather and the roads. Winter has arrived and, practically, the weather is bad in almost all areas of our country: rain, fog and even snow will accompany you during the trip and you have to be prepared to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you need a spare part for your vehicle, come to the scrapyard in Chiclana, where you will find any part that your car needs.

Having the car in perfect state of maintenance will help us to enjoy a comfortable and safe journey. You must have very controlled tires, which are going to suffer inclement weather. Any tire worn or in poor condition can be decisive when having an accident. The tires have to grip the asphalt well in conditions of intense cold or snow.
If you have problems with the battery, for example, you can come to scrapyards in Chiclana de la Frontera, to change it and resume your gear. It is very important that the battery and the entire electrical system of the car work to perfection to avoid getting thrown on such a marked dates and with weather conditions, usually very adverse.
Also check that all the lights in your vehicle are in perfect condition. In circumstances of low visibility (caused by intense rain or fog), it is almost more important to be seen by other drivers. The fog light should work perfectly, just like the emergency lights, brake, position, etc.

As you never know what can happen, it would not hurt to carry a set of chains, a small shovel and a scraper in the trunk so that, at any given moment, you can act against the snow and ice that can accumulate on sidewalks and roads.
Before traveling is produnte and advisable to check the state of the roads in the Traffic website. Here you can also find some tips for traveling in:

If you need spare parts for your vehicle and you are looking for scrapyards in Chiclana, do not hesitate, in Scrapyard El Malagueño we have everything you need.

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