If you live in Ceuta, you have a very old vehicle that no longer works for you and you think that it is best to give it off permanently, in Scrapyard El Malagueño you have the solution. Because the scrapyards in Ceuta are also authorized to do all the paperwork for free and in less than 10 minutes.

Being connected telematically with the DGT, we can manage the drop instantly. So, once you leave our facilities, you will not have to worry about what one day your car was. The only thing we need to formalize the operation is that you bring us the technical file of the vehicle, the license of circulation and the ID of the holder.
That easy.
But our customers are not just those who need to process the discharge of a car that has become obsolete. We are also useful to many Ceuta people who look to us when they have to deal with a breakdown.
Often, the invoice of the workshop is unnecessarily triggered by the high price that the official services of the different brands apply to their parts. A process that we can avoid.
Because, when a vehicle goes to the scrapyard, not all its parts have to be necessarily useless. Many are kept in good condition and, therefore, can be reused.
Selecting them properly, before submitting the car to the scrapping process, is our role in the scrapping in Ceuta. And we do it with something very clear: that our customers deserve the highest quality in the service and we are going to give it. Spare parts for all brands and all models, in diesel or petrol.
So do not hesitate: if you live in Ceuta, when you need to change a piece, whatever it is, before making any decision, the first thing you have to do is visit us to Scrapyard El Malagueño. Your economy will thank you.

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