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The cold is approaching and the short sleeves and shorts give way to coats and wool caps. But we are not the only ones who need extra precautions when dealing with temperature drops: one of our best companions, the car, also asks us to take a few steps to avoid damages and even costly repairs. From El Malagueño, a scrapping company in Los Barrios, we offer some tips for the car.
Keep the windscreen wipers in good condition.

Especially if our car is going to be exposed for several hours in the open, we must separate the clean ones from the moon to prevent them from suffering damage to their rubber, which can harden and crack. Being one of the main instruments of the automobile against adverse weather conditions, its care is paramount.
If the lock freezes, be patient.
If we are going to take the car and we find that the key does not turn or, directly, does not enter the slot, it is more than likely that the lock has frozen in the low temperatures. We should never try to make the mechanism work by force, because we could break the key or the lock. From a dryer to alcohol or hot water, we must use something that causes the ice to melt little by little.
Check refrigerant
The Malagueño, scrapping in Los Barrios, advises you to give a review of the cooling circuit periodically can avoid serious problems in the future for the car. At low temperatures, the refrigerant is likely to freeze and deteriorate the car. Also, very careful if we intend to fill the cooling circuit with water: if it freezes, the resulting fault can have catastrophic consequences.
Against frost, aluminum hood.
Before the tiredness each time we take the car after a cold night and the consequent frost, one last tip: to use an aluminum sunshade. With him, we will not have to scratch the moon again.

If you are looking for scrapyards in Los Barrios for any type of spare parts your car needs, call to Scrapyard El Malagueño and you will find the ones you are looking for.

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