Como poner cadenas en el coche

The chains for the tires are essential pieces for any trip, especially for colder stations. Being 100% prepared against snowstorms is synonymous that you must to know how to put the chains in the car and its importance.

Car chains: detailed explanation

Despite wearing specific tires for winter, it is important to have these items in the vehicle. Thanks to the chains, it is possible to shorten the braking distances and improve the direction and driving of the car on snowy roads. And it is that the snow can be a serious obstacle for the safety of a driver, since it diminishes the grip and adherence of the vehicle with the asphalt.

Advantages and types

They are items that can be stored without taking up space in the trunk of the vehicle, are easy to place (compared to other elements such as winter wheels) and most are 100% effective.

There are chains with metallic steel links. They are the traditional ones that last many years, besides being very easy to find in stores.

There are also textile chains, as if they were “seal skin” covers. They are very easy to place, wash and dry. They are somewhat more expensive than the previous ones and provide less adhesion with the asphalt.

How to place them correctly

It is important to practice before encountering this situation. It is necessary that they are well deployed before passing them behind the tire, without knots. Unlike what many think, you do not have to disassemble the wheels to place them, but simply pass them behind. The ends of the rings should be tied to the top of the tire, centering them.

It is important to know how to put the chains in the car. You always have to be minimally prepared for these situations and know how to do it correctly, since the chains will provide total security.

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