The diesel tax increase is not the last measure that affects drivers and gas stations in Spain. The hydrocarbons sector is undergoing great changes in recent years and the last, which will be launched shortly, is the change of name of gasoline and diesel.

Reasons for the change of name of gasoline and diesel

Until now, the petrol driver could choose between 95 octane and 98, the second most expensive to be of better quality. This changes from October 12, when the election will be made between E5 gasoline, E10 gasoline and E85 gasoline.

And is that the reference now is ethanol, a gas less harmful to the environment and that for more than a decade has been used in the Nordic countries as a substitute and complement of traditional fuel. The cars that load E5 will be pouring 5% ethanol each time they pass through the pump, the E10 double, 10%, and the E85 will be refilling 85% ethanol.

In the case of diesel, the reform is similar but with a point of added complexity. Diesel are the most polluting vehicles and from the European institutions it is sought that they end up leaving the market forever. The new labeling in the gas stations contemplates diesel type B7 (7% biodiesel, less polluting). The B10 has a 10% ecological diesel, while there is a third label, XTL, with diesel manufactured from renewable fossil material.

Caring for the environment.

In the background of the change of name of gasoline and diesel are the care of the environment, the emission of polluting gases and climate change. In the medium term, having a hybrid car or supporting high percentages of ethanol will be cheaper and more efficient.

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