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Aids for electric cars in Spain

The purchase of an electric car involves putting on the table many aspects, especially the economic cost. This is usually higher than in traditional diesel or gasoline cars. That supposes the necessity to take advantage of the aid for electric cars that the government of Spain offers, although these extend by a period of limited time.

The VEA Plan (“Alternative Energy Vehicles”) is an evolved form of the Movea 2018 Plan and will have a budget of 16.6 million euros aimed at the purchase of electric vehicles (including motorcycles), hybrids, plug-in hybrids, gas liquefied petroleum (LPG) and compressed and liquefied natural gas (CNG and LNG).

As of the year 2020.

The government of Spain has reached an agreement to start a plan of economic aid for the electric vehicle, uninterrupted and stable from 2020. A plan of which the details are still unknown.

The aim of the new aid for electric cars will be to avoid that purchases are concentrated at certain times or paralyze until the approval of new incentives, “as is currently the case”, according to the document.

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Advantages and disadvantages of electric cars

– Advantages: respect for the environment, being little noisy and cheaper, greater power, lack of marches, have more space and be more efficient (less consumption and more savings).

– Disadvantages: low autonomy, non-existent load network, high price of batteries and lack of specialized workshops.

Electric vehicles have clear advantages over traditional vehicles in terms of respect for the environment, savings in energy consumption and other factors. However, this sector does not yet have the relevance that is expected due to lack of resources. Currently the mobile fleet of electric vehicles in Spain represents a very low percentage in relation to conventional vehicles (gasoline and diesel).

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