The appraisal of a car for scrapping has a few steps to follow. It is essential to know all the options available to avoid a financial loss. Currently, it is possible to sell the whole car or by parts.


On many occasions, selling a second-hand car can be a complex operation that requires months and even years depending on the model, year of registration or kilometers traveled. This can generate maintenance costs, road taxes or pass the ITV.

Assessment of the withdrawal of the car for scrapping

The valuation of a car in a scrapyard is highly recommended for vehicles that have been idle for a long time, have a breakdown that is very expensive to repair or have suffered an accident. Another of the main cases where it is worth carrying out the appraisal of a second-hand car is when you do not have the documentation of the previous owner and you cannot make the change of owner.

When carrying out an appraisal for the derecognition of a car for scrapping, the registration date must be taken into account, as it will directly affect the market value of the vehicle. Additionally, the condition of parts such as the headlights, the bodywork or the catalytic converter must be taken into account. The end result will largely depend on these components. In this case, you can perform an appraisal of the car by parts. One of the main advantages of scrapping is that it takes care of all the paperwork.

Car valuation for scrapping and appraisal of a car by parts

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