Reparar Arañazos Coches

Repairing scratches on your car can seem like a difficult thing after a hit, be it severe or minor. However, there are some surprising ways to fix chafing on the car body.


A scratch is nothing more than a surface mark caused by the contact of a sharp element with the surface of the vehicle. This can happen superficially or even penetrate the sheet, causing damage. Gravity depends on the force, the angle of the blow, the hardness and the sharpness of the external element.


Removing scratches on the car is urgent, as it is possible that they deteriorate the metal of the vehicle. In this way, the adjacent paint and veneer will deteriorate not only in appearance, but its solidity can be compromised. A scratch is the entrance door for external agents that can rust and wear the sheet metal and the polychrome. In a short time, the affected area will look old and deteriorated.

It is best to repair chafing on the bodywork as soon as possible to prevent the interior from rusting. This oxidation can mix with humidity and internal problems and affect sensitive areas of the vehicle.

Tricks to repair scratches on the car: body and paint

One of the most common ways to repair these problems is the anti-scratch cloth. It is a textile piece designed to solve small damages. It allows to remove the remains of paint left by the external element when the scratch is slight.

Then you can use a spray or marker to paint the affected area and thus remove scratches on the car in a practical way. Another system is the polish abrasive paste, a widely used and effective long-term tool. With these tricks you can repair scratches on the car instantly.

If the problem you have in your vehicle is something more than a scratch, it is advisable to go to a body builder or sheet metal worker, even to a scrapyard to replace the damaged part. In Desguaces El Malagueño we have parts and spare parts for all makes and models.

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