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There are people who still wonder if driving without a spare tire is legal. Given this, it must be said that wearing this wheel is not mandatory, but in that case other elements must be carried that allow you to continue driving, such as an anti-puncture kit. If it is not possible, it would be necessary to take this wheel, since otherwise it could lead to a penalty of up to 200 euros.


These wheels are not the same as normal ones, as they are made to bail out in the event of a puncture. For this reason, you always have to check with the manufacturer to find out what the conditions are for each spare tire, but generally the maximum speed to be reached is 80 kilometers / hour.

As for the distance, it also depends on what you put in the instructions. Typically, these wheels are designed to last about 100 kilometers, so the safety of the passengers is not guaranteed from there. However, it is possible that this distance is greater, and can reach up to 200 kilometers, but it all depends on what you put in the instruction manual.


Exceeding both speed and distance can lead to the car having less stability and, therefore, a higher risk of having an accident. For this reason, the recommendations in the instruction book must be taken into account and in case of fitting this wheel, go directly to the nearest workshop to repair the flat tire or buy a new one.

In summary, driving without a spare wheel is not advisable, just as it is not advisable to do many kilometers with this wheel. It must be remembered that they are tires for an emergency and for this they have been designed.

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