How much can I sell my used car? This is what many drivers ask themselves, who have decided to get rid of their car, either because they have bought a new one, because they are not going to use it, etc. In the network you will find a lot of calculators that are based on the years of registration, but, as you know, two cars of the same model and year of registration can present a very different aspect.

Rate used cars according to the year of registration

Beyond the years of registration, the mileage or the state of the car also influence when it comes to pricing.

It is said that a car loses 15% of its value per year and that in two years it is reduced by half, a calculation that is not always accurate.

There are brands that lose value more quickly and cars with diesel engine keep it better than gasoline. Having all the documentation or a good record will help you to make the appraisal better.

When selling a used car, dealers offer you a very similar figure to that offered by professionals who are engaged in the business of buying and selling.

It will be a price below the market, so that you, as a user, will lose.

We recommend that, if you are not in a hurry to sell the vehicle, put an ad with the car at market price and expect buyer.

Another interesting option is to take the used car to a scrapyard and sell it there.

In some of them, not only will your old car stay for a fairer price than that offered in dealerships or buying and selling businesses.

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