Ahorrar gasolina con el coche

Gasoline, without a doubt, takes a good part of our monthly budget. How to save gasoline with the car to minimize the monthly bill?

Tricks to save gasoline with the car

With these simple tricks you can save gas easily and effectively. Next, each of them is detailed.

Turn off the engine if it is stopped

It is important to turn off the engine while the car is stopped, even if it is only for a few minutes. With this simple gesture, you can save more gasoline than you think.

Visit the mechanic

To save gasoline it is essential that both the engine and other components of the car are in perfect condition. The best way to check it is by visiting the mechanic at least once a year.

Know the gas stations well

Many times they go around too many times to find a gas station or always go to the same one because they offer points to exchange for gifts. It is important to be careful with it, it is possible that, when looking for the gas station, you are spending much more fuel and these points are not compensated.

Don’t carry too much weight

When the car is carried with a lot of weight, it has to work twice as hard and, therefore, spend much more gasoline. It is essential to check the trunk and not carry objects that are not really needed.

Drive smoothly

Heavy braking and rough driving consume much more gasoline than normal. You should drive more smoothly and maintain a constant speed throughout the journey.

Tires in good condition

To avoid unnecessary fuel consumption, tires must have the correct pressure indicated by the manufacturer.

By putting these tips into practice, you can effectively save gas with your car.

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