A vehicle helps to make trips and go to work, it has been growing, but beyond its original performance, also comes time to say goodbye to him and give definitive demolition. This process sometimes can be tough, but it can become a big drawback, if it is not done in the right way. To avoid this, in the scrapyards in Algeciras, as in Scrapyard El Malagueño, we will explain everything must be done to give the final goodbye. First, you have to take it to a “Authorized Center for Electronic Processing of Ground Vehicle “because only they can properly perform this management. Although the advantage is that you no longer go then to the Traffic Department.

Since 2004, the deregistration is irrevocable, since the objective is the destruction of the vehicle, after decontamination and proper treatment by the waste manager. If the vehicle is no longer working or has no insurance or driving license in order, transfer to dismantling facilities it will occur free of charge, provided you have at least two rear wheels. Once scrapping, must carry the following documentation:

– Data sheet

– Vehicle registration certificate

– A photocopy of the DNI or NIE

Then, once it has signed the definitive dismantling, the destruction of the vehicle certificate and proof of deregistration of the DGT will be delivered. With them, you can prove that the car is discharged completely. Moreover, thanks to them you can recover the money part of the registration certificate which has not been enjoyed. To do this, head to City Hall. Moreover, we must bear in mind that the penalty for leaving the vehicle on the street amounts between 600 and 30,051 euros.

In Scrapyard El Malagueño we manage FREELY the dismantling of Your vehicle.

¡Stop worrying! We handle everything: remove the vehicle and we end at no cost. MAKE A REQUEST.

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