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From Scrapyard El Malagueño , you cars scrapping in Gibraltar, we want to offer a few tips about what points you need to consider before opting for buying a second-hand engine.

Undoubtedly it is a decision you must make sure, because although , in principle , is a cheaper option than a new engine , a number of aspects must be taken into account to ensure that the part you will adquire is in good conditions.

As a leading company in the field of scrapyards in Gibraltar, to ensure optimal state of our engines , spare parts, we recommend checking operation at least for about fifteen minutes.

A good professional will be able to interpret any noise that the engine emits of both the upper and lower because they may be indicators of malfunctioning.

Particular attention should be paid to the cylinder head gasket , because if failure is one of the most expensive to repair faults.

Make sure the cooling system is functioning correctly is also essential when a second-half engine will be adquired , either in the scrapyards in Algeciras as in Gibraltar. This will prevent, we will avoid suffering heaters that may endanger key vehicle parts .

Consumption of oil and water also have to review them very carefully . On the one hand, it is important to assess how much it will cost to maintain the engine and, secondly , to detect possible losses of water or oil. If you’re not found ourselves in time , we would risk endanger the engine should reach a total loss of these liquids.

Are you looking for a second-hand motor on a Scrappyard in Gibraltar? In Scrapyard El Malagueño we have engines for all your needs.

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