Despite being used every day to check the road from behind, many drivers are still unclear about the required rear-view mirrors. In fact, it is one of the reasons why ITVs are not passed.

Required rear view mirrors

Current legislation regulates the use of rear view mirrors taking into account factors such as dimension, placement and the angle of vision they must provide. For example, the glass that provides vision and its protective housing should never have a distance greater than 2.5 millimeters. Likewise, this piece of protection must be able to give way easily in case of some kind of impact.

It is important that you also try, as far as possible, to carry the standard mirrors. If they are modified, it may be necessary to carry out a homologation period, which can lead to time and administrative problems.

Passenger cars are required to always carry the left mirror (the one on the driver’s side), and it is recommended that it also be accompanied by the right and interior mirror. However, only the left is required to be worn with the interior or with the right.

Furthermore, the left mirror must comply with the obligation to allow a view of up to 10 meters behind, accompanied by 2.5 meters wide. Another condition is that, if there is something that obstructs the view of the interior mirror, the right mirror will become mandatory.

Penalties for not wearing the mirrors correctly

Mirror legislation must be taken very seriously, as there are severe penalties for anyone who fails to comply with this part. Any agent who detects some kind of defect may sanction the driver with a fine of 200 euros.

Likewise, not carrying the mandatory rear-view mirrors may result in the immobilization of the vehicle itself in accordance with current law.

Replacement rear view mirrors

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