Many people wonder what they have to do to cancel a car in Cádiz, for which it is necessary to contact a specialized company. For this reason, and to improve comfort, it is possible to choose a scrapyard in Cádiz to manage this loss: Desguaces el Malagueño, an entity that handles this management for free, is the best choice.

How to cancel a car in Cádiz

This process begins with the arrival of the vehicle to the scrapyard, where the electronic cancellation and the Certificate of Destruction will be processed. These documents are those that certify a correct environmental treatment of the car, as well as the definitive withdrawal from the General Direction of Traffic (DGT).

To do this, you must provide a photocopy of the holder’s ID, technical file and vehicle’s driving license. Then begins the procedure to cancel the car electronically with an application that is connected to the database of the DGT car registry.

If all the documents are in order, the definitive cancellation is managed and the Certificate of Destruction is issued, which is sent along with the proof of the Traffic procedure and the scrap certificate by email to the owner or client who will initiate such procedure.

Should you go to the DGT offices?

This question is quite common, to which it is necessary to answer that it is not necessary: ​​the only thing that is asked is to take the car to the scrapyard or to be present when the tow truck picks up the vehicle. Of course, it is essential that all the documents can be in force to be able to process the cancellation without any problem.

In summary, to cancel a car in Cádiz it is necessary to carry out all these procedures, which are simple as long as you contact a professional company such as Desguaces el Malagueño.

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If you need more specific information on how to deregister a vehicle in Cádiz, you can do so at the following
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