Millions of vehicles have been parked in the streets, public parking lots and in community or private garages for several days. Therefore, it is advisable to take into account some tips to take care of the car during the quarantine of the Covid-19.

We cannot forget about the maintenance of our car if we want to avoid unpleasant surprises when the confinement ends. Although for this reason we do not intend that you leave the house expressly to approach your car to apply the advice, but you can take advantage when you have any need for which vehicle travel is allowed.
(You can find out on the DGT website about the regulations for displacements allowed during the alarm state).

Here are some tips for caring for your car during the Covid-19 quarantine:

  • Starting the car from time to time is recommended to start the car and move it a few meters.
  • Disconnect battery. It is also advisable to disconnect the battery to prevent it from running out completely.
  • Tire pressure. The wheels deflate faster with the car stationary.
  • Fluid review. It is possible that they will evaporate over the days.
  • Review of electronic elements. It is advisable to activate windows, mirrors, etc. to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt.
  • Protection. Protect it from inclement weather: cold, sun, bird feces, …
  • Internal cleaning. If we keep the vehicle clean inside, we avoid bad odors.
  • Exhaust pipe. Insert a cloth or something similar in the exhaust pipe to prevent the entry of external agents that could damage it or cause future damage.

If you follow some of these tips to take care of the car during the Covid-19 quarantine, your vehicle will probably be in good condition to circulate after the trust.
If after the confinement you need to tune up your vehicle and need spare parts for the car, ask us for information, we have spare parts for many makes and models.

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